What Is Screen iL?

Screen iL is the first streaming service that brings together in one place the best Israeli content for all of us who are abroad.  Live TV, news, series, movies, reality and all prime time programs.

New content is uploaded daily at the same time it’s broadcast in Israel so that you will not miss a thing and can stay connected and updated.

Please note: The service is legal and therefore the content on Screen iL is not available for viewing in Israel.

What’s On Screen iL?

  • LIVE Watch the leading Israeli channels: 12 (Keshet), 13 (Reshet), The Children’s Channel, The Children’s Stars Channel, i24 News, the Israeli Cinema Channel, Music IL & Winner League Basketball
  • Catch-Up Did you miss a show you like? You can Catch-Up on all the Live content for up to 7 days back
  • News Watch all the New broadcasts LIVE, or Catch-Up at any time that suits you. All the Current Affairs & Talk Shows on everything that is happening in Israel
  • Films The largest Israeli cinema library in the world. New, award-winning, cult, children’s, and nostalgic movies we grew up with
  • VOD The largest Israeli content library outside of Israel that includes thousands of hours of Israeli movies, Israeli series, children’s content, nostalgic content, comedies, dramas and the most talked about prime time and reality shows
  • Children’s Content Children’s Channels, all the Children’s Channel series, the leading Children’s Star content, new & classic children’s tapes, Israeli childhood songs, children’s plays and all the Festigals

With Screen iL you can feel in Israel at the touch of a button. Laugh, remember, and stay connected. See everything airing in Israel when you feel like it and from the device that’s convenient for you.


Joining Screen iL is easy, simple and fast. Sign up here and you can start watching right away.

In three simple steps, you can start watching and enjoying everything you see in Israel.

You can join from anywhere in the world, but viewing is blocked from Israel.

Click here for a guiding video

Contact & Support

Got any questions about joining or operating the service or any other issue? 

Send us a note from our site or email us at: [email protected]

Love us on the Facebook page & Instagram

Service Availability & Error 152: Can’t Browse from Israel

Screen iL is proud to be the only legitimate copyrighted service. 

As such, the service is intended for an unlimited use abroad only and therefore cannot be used within Israel, where the service is blocked.

If you are outside the borders of Israel and receive an error message due to your location, try the following solutions:

  • Disable VPN or PROXY services
  • If the previous section did not resolve the issue, contact your ISP for support
  • If you are still unable to browse our site, we invite you to contact us by sending an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to be at your service

How to watch?

Screen iL is supported from almost any device with Internet access.

Once you register on the Web, you can download the appropriate App on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, streamer and smart TV and enjoy.

Apple TV, iOS, Android, Samsung, and Amazon Fire and soon also in Roku & LG.

Each Subscriber to Screen iL service can connect up to 5 devices and watch 3 screens simultaneously.

Click here for an accurate list of supported devices → .

Account Password

Your password allows you to maintain your privacy in managing your account.

The password is set in the registration process and is required at each initial login from any screen.

Forgot your password?  Simply click “Forgot My Password” on the login screen and enter the email address corresponding to your account.

An email will be sent to you with a unique password reset link. 

Once you reset your password simply log back in with your new password.

For any issues, kindly contact us by sending an email to: [email protected]

Parental Code

It is possible to restrict viewing using a personal code.

The default code is 1111.

You can restrict your profile by entering a personal code, or restrict some of the content  in order to adjust the viewing of the kids at home.

You can change your personal code in the settings screen of the main profile: select “My PIN”. There you can change your personal code and enable viewing restrictions

To adjust your Parental Control settings select the “Parental Control” menu to select the desired classification level by restricting viewing to children according to age

Forgot your code?  

Simply email us at: [email protected] and we will reset the code back to 1111.

Change Package

Your viewing package can be changed at any time using the settings screen from a computer or laptop (this option is not available from a smartphone or tablet).

Go to Settings (cog icon) through your main profile.

Choose Subscriptions → Manage → Change Plan

Remember your Personal Code is 1111 unless changed as per the above

Select the desired viewing package and click Confirm

Click here for a guiding video

Change Payment Method

You can change your method of payment from a computer or laptop (this option is not available from a smartphone or tablet) 

See Video

Go to Settings (cog icon) through your main profile.

Choose a Subscription → Manage → Change Payment Method → Add A Payment Method 

Once you add a card, don’t forget to mark your default card; you can only delete the card not associated with your subscription.


Your subscription can be activated or deactivated at any time. 

No obligation, no small print and no cancellation fees.

To cancel your subscription, log in to the service from a computer or laptop (this option is not not available from a smartphone or tablet).

See Video

Go to Settings (cog icon) through your main profile.

Choose the Subscription → Manage → Cancel Subscription → Confirm

The service will be canceled immediately at the end of the current payment period.


Screen iL lets you set different profiles on the same account, so that each of the users in your household will have a unique & customized setting.

Each profile has a name, its own viewing restrictions and personal viewing list.

To add a profile, go to the main profile (the first profile defined in the service) on the profile selection screen.

To remove a profile enter that profile → Settings → Profile → Remove Profile  → Confirm