Terms of use


  1. Screen iL (hereinafter: “Screen iL“) is an OTT (Over The Top platform) service operated by Stream iL, Inc. and Stream iL Communication, Ltd. (Hereinafter collectively: “The Company” or “The Service” as applicable).
  2. We provide a customized subscription service that allows subscribers outside Israel to watch Live TV channels broadcast in Israel, as well as watch additional Content from Israel: series and movies (hereinafter: “Content“) which is transmitted over the Internet to various types of devices, including but not limited to mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, computers and other devices that enable video display and internet connection and on which The Service is provided (hereinafter: “End Devices“).
  3. The Service will be provided through a Website at www.screenil.com (available for use on computers but not on mobile devices) and through dedicated apps for end devices (hereinafter: “Website” and “Site” and “The App” as applicable).
  4. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter: “The Terms”) shall apply to The Service, and shall form the legal basis for any discussion between you – the User of The Service (hereinafter: the “User”) and us. You acknowledge that you have read these Terms and Conditions, and your confirmation to the reading of The Terms constitutes your full agreement to all of The Terms set forth therein. You do not have to agree to The Terms, but you will not be able to use The Service so long as you do not agree to The Terms.
  5. Any reference in The Terms to a single body refers also to the plural, and vice versa.
  6. The Terms must be read carefully and in full.
  7. In any case of conflict and/or inconsistency between The Terms and any other publication, in writing or otherwise, including a response provided by our customer service, the provisions of The Terms shall supersede.
  8. Wherever there is a reference to “Service” or “The Services” it shall refer to  the viewing Service, as well as any User interface that allows viewing and customization to you, including all uses and features of the interface, recommendations and reviews appearing on the site or application, and any other component related to the Service and its use.

Purchasing a Subscription

  1. In order to use The Service, you must have an Internet connection and an End Device where you can enjoy The Service.
  2. Upon registering for The Service, you will be required to provide your personal details, as well as provide a valid payment method (the types of payment accepted by us may change from time to time at Screen IL‘s discretion and will be published on the Website and/or application). The subscription will be purchased on the Website only, and the subscription will be valid until it is terminated by you, as detailed below in relation to the termination of the subscription and cancellations.
  3. You acknowledge that The Service is intended for viewers outside Israel, and that use of The Service  within the State of Israel is prohibited. You also acknowledge that it is possible to register from Israel, but it is not possible to use it in Israel, as detailed in these terms of use.

Subscriptions and Content

  1. Generally, The Content in The Service will be available for online viewing which requires a proper and continuous connection to the internet.
  2. The Service and Content offered in it are frequently updated, and changed at our discretion. You are aware that the Content offered by us may vary from country to country, and you will not have any claims in this regard. You are also aware that certain Content may be removed from the Service without prior notice, and you will not have any claims in this regard.
  3. You know that the Service may include advertisements, both which are broadcast as part of the Live TV channels which may be broadcast on our behalf, on the Website or in The App, as well as while watching Content on the Service.
  4. We will be entitled to offer, from time to time, at our sole discretion, different types of subscriptions. The subscriptions we offer may differ in terms and the Services provided within them. The full terms and conditions of each type of subscription will be specified on the Service registration page on the Website and in The Apps well as in additional publications at our discretion. While all subscription types will be available for purchase on the website, certain subscription types may be exclusively available for purchase on our site, and not through the application stores, at our discretion.
  5. We will be entitled to change the subscription plans and prices of The Service from time to time. However, we will not make any change in the subscription price without notifying you, the account holder, thirty days in advance of the change date.
  6. You acknowledge that the number of End Devices in which one subscriber can use to consume the Service concurrently (at the same time) or in general may vary depending on the type of subscription.
  7. The Service is intended for use in only one Household and on only one network. In the event that Screen iL finds that you have made use of its Service not in accordance with this section, you will be charged according to the number of Households or networks to which the service is connected. You may not transfer your rights or provide our Service to others under any commercial basis.
  8. Some of the Content will be accessible in HD video quality and above and/or in Stereo sound quality and above. In order to watch high quality audio and video Content, you need to make sure that your internet connection is continuous and of good quality. We are not responsible for the quality of your connection, or the inability to enjoy high quality viewing due to poor connection quality or insufficient bandwidth. In such situations, the Content will be transmitted in lower video and audio quality.
  9. You acknowledge that experiencing The Service via a mobile phone device is done through an application only in accordance with the recommendations in the “Apps” document on the company’s website.
  10. In addition, even if the subscription type allows viewing from two or more End Devices concurrently, there might be a restriction on concurrent consumption of a specific Content.

Subscriptions which  include the Israeli Premier Football League

  1. We will offer subscriptions broadcasting One-Zero soccer matches (Israeli Premier Soccer League and Toto Cup). Subscribers to this package will have access to watch games of Israeli teams in the Premier Soccer League only. The broadcasting schedule, the games aired, and the channel’s content will be determined solely by the channel operator’s exclusive discretion. Not all games may be broadcast live or at all. In cases of games played concurrently, the channel operator may select one and defer the broadcast of the other games at their discretion. Please note that there will be no broadcasts during halftime, and the channel operator is not obliged to provide pre-game/post-game studio coverage or game summaries.
  2. Access to the subscription, including the Premier Soccer League, will be available only to subscribers who have purchased a relevant subscription in accordance with the terms specified in these terms of use. The subscription, including the Premier Football League, will be either a monthly or annual subscription, at the customer’s choice and subject to the prices published by us at the time of subscription purchase.
  3. In the event of channel operator suspension of broadcasts and/or cancellation of the subscription, including the Premier Soccer League, by us, we will notify you and cancel the subscription. In such a case, you will be refunded proportionately for the remaining duration of the subscription from the day of subscription suspension or cessation of broadcasts.

    User Accounts

    1. An account will be opened for each User of The Service, whose details will appear in the personal area of the Service on a computer’s web browser only (hereinafter: “Personal Account“). The Personal Account will contain: (i) details you provided when registering, (ii) details of the payment method entered by you, (iii) details of the subscription such as: price, trial period (if any), next billing date and billing period, and (iv) any additional information about the subscription account.
    2. The User who purchased The Service, and whose billing information was entered when opening the account will be the Account Holder (hereinafter: “Account Holder“). The Account Holder will have control over the account, and will be able to update and modify the details in it, including management of End Devices, and he will be responsible for all of the account’s activities, whether made by Account Holder or by others living with him.
    3. For the purpose of securing the account, and preventing unauthorized access, we recommend that you, the Account Holder, do not share the password to the account with anyone, nor the details of the billing information used in the account.
    4. It is your responsibility as the Account Holder to make sure that the information provided at the time of registration is accurate and complete. We will be entitled to suspend and/or cancel your account if there is any suspicion of illegal activity, including hacking, identity theft, fraud, etc has taken place in the account.
    5. When and during registration you confirm that you agree to receive marketing and advertising messages from us. Such information will be sent by us in accordance with the provisions of the law and your approval in the registration process constitutes approval for sending marketing messages. At any time you can cancel your authorization and stop receiving marketing messages.

    Free Trial Period

    1. When you sign up for The Service for the first time, your subscription period may begin with a free Trial Period (hereinafter: “Trial Period“). The duration of the Trial Period will be determined in accordance with the terms of the subscription at the time of registration, and information about this will appear in the subscription details at the time of registration. The Trial Period is intended to allow new Users to be exposed to the Content.
    2. For the avoidance of doubt, the subscription, including the Premier Soccer League broadcasts, will not include a trial period.
    3. When registering for The Service, even if a Trial Period is given, you will be required to enter a payment method for the purpose of registration. The actual collection of the subscription fee will occur after the end of the Trial Period.
    4. The User’s eligibility for a Trial Period will be determined by us at our sole discretion, and we will be entitled to limit the eligibility for a Trial Period or its duration in order to prevent abuse of the Trial Period.
    5. We reserve the right to terminate the Trial Period and/or suspend your account in any case where we believe that you are not entitled to a Trial Period. For the avoidance of doubt, same household users with an existing subscription to the Service owned by a household member, are not entitled to a Trial Period.
    6. We will use the information we collect about you (including the information about End Devices from which the Service is used, the payment method you entered, the email address associated with the subscriber, etc.) to determine whether different Users live in the same house or use the same network, and accordingly determine the eligibility of a Trial Period.
    7. If you do not cancel the subscription by the end of the Trial Period, you will be charged the subscription fee on the first billing date (as defined below) after the end of the Trial Period. Details on the end date of the Trial Period can be found in the personal account when logging in from a computer’s web browser.

    Charges and Subscription Fees

    1. The subscription fee, and any additional charges that apply in connection with The Service, including taxes, billing fees, etc., will be charged by us using the payment method provided by you. 
    2. To the extent that the subscription purchased by you is for a fixed period, the payment will be collected upon the purchase of the subscription, in one payment, and will not be renewed after the end of the fixed period (hereinafter: “Subscription for a Fixed Period“).
    3. To the extent that the subscription purchased by you is a renewing subscription (hereinafter: “Renewing Subscription“), the payment will be charged by us automatically once a period (monthly or yearly), on the calendar day you sign up for The Service so long as such a date exists. For example, if your membership started on January 10, the monthly billing will be on the 10th of each month. If the registration for the Service was made on January 31st, the monthly billing will be on the last day of each calendar month (hereinafter: “Billing Date“).
    4. The Billing Date may change when and if the payment method is not accepted or approved for any reason. In such a case, the billing will be done on a one-time basis on the date a new payment method is updated or the transaction was approved. Thereafter, the charge will return to its original monthly Billing Date.
    5. Upon registration, we will be entitled to send the credit company a capture order in the amount of the subscription fee for one period, for the purpose of authorizing a credit, however the billing will not actually take place until the billing date, and you are aware that this action, which is intended to ensure a timely payment by you, may affect the credit line of your payment method, even during the Trial Period.
    6. As mentioned above, in order to subscribe to The Service, you must provide one or more payment methods, and choose your primary payment method. You may access your Personal Account from a computer’s web browser at any time in order to view and/or change your payment method.
    7. To use The Service you must provide one or more Payment Methods. You authorize us to charge any Payment Method associated with your account in case your primary Payment Method is declined or no longer available to us for payment of your subscription fee. You remain responsible for any uncollected amounts. If a payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and you do not cancel your account, we may suspend your access to the Service until we have successfully charged a valid Payment Method. 
    8. For Some payment methods, the issuers may charge certain fees, for example – foreign exchange fees, or other fees. You also know that there may be a liability for local taxes, which vary depending on the payment method used. Check with your Payment Method service provider for details.

    Discount Vouchers & Coupons

    1. From time to time, the Company may offer various benefits, which may include a discount on the subscription price or an extension of the subscription duration at no cost. These benefits will be realized through coupon codes offered at the Company’s sole discretion (hereinafter: “Coupon Code“).
    2. The terms of use of the Coupon Code will be published by the Company, and its use will be subject to the terms and conditions set by the Company. It will not be possible to use two benefits and / or coupons for the same subscription.
    3. The company will not be responsible for a user not receiving a benefit due to an incorrect entry of a Coupon Code, nor execution of the transaction without using the Coupon Code given to him.

    Cancellations & Changes

    1. You may cancel your Renewing Subscription at any time. Simply log in to your account from a computer’s browser, and from Settings, go to Manage Subscriptions and then Cancel. It is only possible to cancel a Renewing Subscription under the conditions detailed below as described here >> screenil.com/faq-en
    2. A Subscription for a Fixed Period will automatically cancel at the end of the fixed period of the subscription.
    3. Canceling a Renewing Subscription will be done through our website on a web-browser only and not in the dedicated apps.
    4. The Renewing Subscription will end on the next billing date and during this period, the Service will continue to be available to you.
    5. Payments already made for any subscription (Renewing or Fixed Period) will not be cancellable or refundable, as permitted by applicable and governing law in your domicile country. No credits or refunds will be given for an unused subscription, or for the period between the date of cancellation and the end of the subscription period.
    6. You may change your Subscription plan at any time, from the list of possible plans available at the time of the exchange. The replacement will be done using a computer web-browser only, and not in an application and / or other end devices.
    7. If you choose to change your subscription plan to a longer subscription (i.e. Yearly vs Monthly) – the new subscription will be updated immediately after the update. If you choose to switch to a shorter subscription plan (i.e. Monthly vs Yearly), the short subscription will start immediately upon the end of the current subscription period, and on the next billing date. It is not possible to switch from a Renewing Subscription to a Subscription for a Fixed Period, but it will be possible to cancel the Renewing Subscription as detailed above, and purchase a new Subscription for a Fixed Period once it has expired.

    Service Conditions and Limitations

    1. The Service is provided to Users over the age of 18, or Users who are adults according to the applicable law in the country in which The Service is being used. Minors may use The Service with the consent and supervision of their guardians, who will register for The Service and provide a payment method for them and will be Account Holder.
    2. You agree to use The Service, including all its features and functions, in accordance with applicable law, the rules and/or ordinances applicable to it, and in accordance with The Terms.
    3. You may use The Service only in the territory in which you signed up for the Service. The Content offered in different countries differs, and may change from time to time. The service is provided to users outside of Israel only. You know that it is not possible to use the service in Israel, even if the registration was made by you in Israel.
    4. The software used and developed by and for Screen iL is intended for the purpose of consuming Content using End Devices. The software may vary from device to device, and accordingly also the various features of the software and The Service. You agree and understand that The Service will also be provided through third party software, which is subject to third party licenses. You agree that the Software Update will be made by third parties who develop the Software for Screen iL, and you agree to receive automatic software updates from those third parties. You know that if you do not agree to this, you will not be able to fully enjoy The Service, and it is possible that certain features of The Service, or the possibility of receiving it – will not be possible.
    5. We want you to get the most out of The Service, but we may restrict or deny your access to The Service in one of the following cases:
      a. It became clear to Screen iL or anyone on its behalf that you committed an illegal act and/or violated the provisions of any applicable law
      b. You have violated any of the provisions of The Terms 
      c. You knowingly provided incorrect information upon registration for The Service
      d. You have committed an act or omission that could harm Screen iL and/or The Company and/or anyone on their behalf, and/or the proper operation of The Service and/or The App and/or any third party, including other Users of The Service
      e. You have not used The Service in a reasonable and acceptable conduct or in good faith.
    6. In any situation of restriction or denial of The Service due to any of the previously mentioned causes, you will not have any right to compensation or indemnification pursuant of the actions we have taken. In such a case, we will be entitled to collect the full payment until your next Billing Date, and you will not be entitled to any refund for the period between the date of cancellation until the next Billing Date. Our decision in this matter will be final.
    7. The use of The Service and the viewing of the Content are personal, non-transferable, and are permitted for non-commercial use only. Your subscription grants you only a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable or assignable right to consume the Content and The Service. Any public use and/or public display and/or making the Content available to the public are strictly prohibited under The Terms. You are not granted any rights other than those set forth in The Terms.

    Intellectual Property

    1. Intellectual property rights (of any kind), including trademarks, trade secrets and copyright, whether registered or not, in The Service and/or The App any part thereof, including the products and Services offered therein, in the design of The Service and/or The App, and in any software, application, computer code, graphic file, text, musical work, melody, lyrics and any other material contained therein, whether in the external interface, source code or destination code is of Screen IL only and/or of third parties who have provided Screen IL the right to use them within the framework of the Service, and they are protected by the intellectual property laws of the State of Israel, international conventions and the copyright laws of other countries.
    2. You may not make changes, copy, publish, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, license, create derivative works, perform reverse engineering, or sell in part or in full, temporarily or permanently, in any form, all parts of the information and Content included in the Service and/or on the Website and/or in The App.
    3. Also, The Service may not be used in a manner that constitutes or may constitute an infringement of or damage to intellectual property of Screen IL or of third parties.
    4. You are not allowed to circumvent by means of technology and/or in any other way the means of protection of The Service, including the blocking of certain Content in certain countries and the previously mentioned prohibition to watch Content in Israel. Any such act or attempt will be deemed as a direct violation of The Terms.
    5. The trademarks on the Website and/or in The App, registered or otherwise, which are the property of Screen IL The Company only and/or anyone on its behalf and/or of third parties, or, whether published on behalf of advertisers, business partners or suppliers – the property of Screen IL or its partners only. You may not use any of them.
    6. You may not make any commercial use of the information, Content, products and Services offered on The Service for any profit and you may not allow any use of the said information, Content, products and Services to any third parties, whether for profit or not.
    7. You agree not to link to the Site and/or use the Site and/or The App and/or the information, Content, products and Services contained therein for the purpose of uploading, downloading, distributing, advertising or transmitting: (i) information or other material in a manner that infringes any rights, including, intellectual property rights, privacy rights and/or any other proprietary right; (ii) information or other material that is prohibited from publication or use, due to being a criminal offense of any kind, including offenses of incitement, insult, publication of racist Content, encouragement of violence or terrorism, etc., defamation, or publication of inappropriate Content; (iii) Information or other material that includes a virus or other software that may sabotage the website and/or The App and/or Screen IL and/or The Company and/or any third parties or in a manner that may restrict or prevent others from using the Service.
    8. You agree not to make changes and/or interfere in any way with the source code of the site and/or the information and/or the Content and/or Services and/or products contained therein and not to upload any software and/or applications that may harm or cause damage the Screen IL and/or The Company and/or any other third parties.
    9. You declare that you are aware of the limitations of the Internet regarding restrictions on the security of information online, and release Screen and/or The Company and/or anyone on their behalf from any liability in this matter, all in accordance with the Service’s Privacy Policy.

    Limitation of Liability and Warranties 

    1. The Service provided by Screen iL “As Is” without any warranties or stipulations. The Service is provided over the Internet, and you are aware that Screen iL does not warrant that The Service will be provided without interruption or malfunction. You waive any claim and/or demand against Screen iL and/or The Company and/or anyone on their behalf in relation to any damage that may be caused to you as a result of using The Service, including specific, direct, indirect or consequential damages. This waiver does not constitute a waiver of rights which by their nature or by law cannot be waived under the law applicable in the territory in which the Service is used.
    2. In any case and in any situation, Screen iL and/or The Company and/or their shareholders and/or their managers and/or employees and/or anyone on their behalf will not bear any liability or responsibility for any of the following:
      a. For any expense, loss, or damage, whether indirect, consequential or circumstantial (including loss of profits, loss of business opportunity, loss of reputation , impairment, etc.), which you and/or any third party may suffer connection with the use of the Service and/or any act or omission of Screen iL and/or The Company and/or anyone acting on their behalf;
      b. For any malfunction and/or delay and/or disruption in The Service and/or on the Website and/or in The App and/or in any connection with any of these (including without limitation, infrastructure lines and/or Internet systems and/or networks Cellular) and for any expense, loss or damage that may occur for any reason, which does not depend on the Screen iL and/or The Company, including and without limitation, as a result of an order and/or regulation and/or order of any government authority, substantial damage of communication systems, restrictions resulting from a pandemic, earthquake, storm, shortage of supplies and/or public Services and/or transport Services, fire, flood, explosion, accident, strike, shutdown, riots, public disorder, war, terrorist act and/or hostility or lockdown and these will not be considered a violation of The terms and will not entitle you to any relief and/or right. For the avoidance of doubt, you acknowledge and declare, that you will not have any claim or right in connection with the actions we will take due to any malfunction and/or disruption as mentioned above;
      c. For any expense, loss or damage caused in connection with acts or omissions on your part and/or by third parties, including, and without limitation, internet providers (including in connection with any malfunction and/or disruption, temporary or permanent, in the communication lines).
      d. Any expense, loss or damage caused in connection with unauthorized access, attacks, hacking and intrusion of information (or attempting to perform any of these) through communication lines or other network.
      e. For any expense, loss or damage caused to you as a result of updating and/or canceling and/or removing Content from the site.
    3. Without derogating from the above:
      a. As part of the use of the Website, we will provide links and references to various Websites and pages on the Internet, operated by third parties (hereinafter: “Linked Websites“) where you can, among other things, purchase or receive various products and Services. You may be asked to register, provide various details, etc. on Linked Website’s  pages. You acknowledge that you know that Screen iL and/or anyone on its behalf has no control or responsibility over any of the activity on Linked Websites..
      b. Providing information and/or registering on Linked Websites is not subject to our Privacy Policy or The Terms. You will be responsible for browsing any linked websites, as well as for any other action you take in connection with them and all content of the linked websites will be under the responsibility and liability of their publishers. You hereby waive any claim and/or demand for any loss or damage indirect or direct against us or anyone on our behalf resulting from reliance on and/or use of the content and/or information provided on linked websites.
      c. The continuous use of the Website depends, among other things, on the availability, integrity and survival of the Internet and/or the cellular network, which, as is well known, in some cases and/or areas is not full and/or continuous. Screen iL and/or The Company and/or their managers, their employees and all those acting on their behalf or operating in their name, shall not be liable for any loss, expense, loss or damage, including specific, consequential or indirect damage, caused in connection with the activity or inactivity of The Service, including (and without prejudice) in connection with an error, malfunction or technical or other failure in downloading the Content and/or its components and/or the date they were made available.
      d. The Service may contain inaccuracies and/or other errors and you declare that you understand that it is not possible to prevent errors and/or defects in the Content and/or the way it is transmitted.
      e. You will not have any claim in relation to the Content provided by The Service, its quality, scope, suitability for your needs or any other claim regarding the quality and nature of the Content.
      f. Telecommunication networks, computers, servers and Websites are vulnerable to attacks and attempted hacking by various parties. We take security measures to maintain the privacy of the information collected by us, but you must know that this can not be guaranteed in full and there may be security breaches of and intrusions to The Service. We do not warrant that The Service will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein. By browsing, registering and providing your details, you release Screen iL and/or anyone on its behalf from liability for any damage caused to you and/or anyone on your behalf due to attacks, attempted hacking and intrusion to such information and waives any claim against Screen iL and/or anyone on its behalf in this regard.


    1. The Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Israel and the courts in Israel shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in any claim arising from The Terms and/or the relationship between you and us. The competent court in Tel Aviv-Yafo will have the exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute between you and us.
    2. For more information about the Service and its features, and for any additional assistance you may need with your account, please contact our customer Service at the Contact on the Website or email us directly at [email protected].
    3. In the event of a conflict between these terms and information provided to you by our customer Service or information anywhere else on the Site, These Terms shall prevail.
    4. If it is determined that any of the provisions in The Terms are inadmissible, void, unenforceable or illegal, it will not impair the validity, legality and enforceability of the other provisions of The Terms, which will remain in full force and effect.
    5. Screen iL may, from time to time, make changes to The Terms. Screen iL will notify you thirty days before any amendment to the Terms take effect.
    6. Screen iL will be entitled to assign its rights and obligations in The Terms to any third party, at any time, and you agree to cooperate with Screen iL in any such assignment or transfer.
    7. Screen iL may send you information about your account (such as payment confirmations, invoices, password or changes, confirmation messages, information, etc.) electronically, via the email address provided by you during registration.  Invoices and Payment receipts will be sent upon specific request of the Account Holder.

    Last Updated: October 2023


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