Legal notices


Screen iL, is the legal broadcasting aggregator platform of Israeli Content abroad. 
Screen iL broadcasts its content in accordance with the agreements it has with the rights owners of the content as well as the broadcasting authorities.

In some cases, the rights for a specific program, film or series are not included or granted for broadcasting outside the borders of Israel.  Therefore, Screen iL is forced to block the broadcasting of that specific content and a temporary rights notice slide is shown in its place.

Namely, if you came across a slide that says in HebrewNamely, if you came across a slide that says in Hebrew: 
"The rights for this program is not granted for broadcasting outside of Israel" 
"The program remained in Israel"
We ask you to compassionately understand that and patiently wait for the next program.
We strive to broadcast every program outside of Israel, though in some cases the rights-owners do not grant such broadcasting and it remains at their discretion.
Thank you for your support and understanding.


For Israeli Legal Rights Authority, please visit ZIRA’s website >>
For International Rights Authority, please see ACE’s Website >>


The copyrights in the shows and movies on our service are owned by many great producers. If you believe your or someone else’s copyrights are being infringed upon through the Stream iL service, let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

Intellectual Property

The Screen iL service, including its logo and  all content provided on the Screen iL service, is protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property laws and treaties.


Screen iL and its Logo are trademarks of Stream iL Communication, LTD.

If you haven’t received our permission, do not use the Screen iL marks as your own or in any manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement by Stream IL.

A product branded with the Stream iL name or logo is a reflection of Stream iL. Unless you are one of our licensees, we don’t allow others to make, sell, or give away anything with our name or logo on it.


Last Updated: June, 2023


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כל מה שמפריד ביניכם לבין צפיה בתכנים שלנו, זה מטוס!

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